Secure Collaboration with Capitar.IO

At the moment, the digital transition is being accelerated by the Corona crisis. And it looks like we’re not going back to the way it was. That calls for new tools for collaboration and better security.

Capitar.IO offers a new service for document collaboration, chat and video conferencing, where all data exchange takes place only between participants, peer to peer.

Collaborate without privacy and security concerns

We do not have to promise that we will not store the exchanged data centrally, it just works without a central storage service. We offer maximum protection of your privacy. Zerotier and encryption in the web application assure secure transport and secure local storage of data. The central service is only needed to enable the initial setup of communication and to make sure the communication is segmented per meeting. We manage a minimum set of technical characteristics to make the service work properly. And that is all.

Continuous use

The service can be used ad hoc for secure conferencing, but also lends itself perfectly for teams to have a connection ‘open’ all day long. Team members can then work with it as if they were sitting next to each other. It is just like using a secure office walkie talkie.


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